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Positioning Statement

The New Orleans Public Library is the premier cultural institution that celebrates and preserves the collective memory and living history of New Orleans, Louisiana and the world. We foster the future aspirations and democratic dreams of all.


The New Orleans Public Library is New Orleans' gateway for information through education, communication, culture and recreational enrichment -- by utilizing the fundamentals of sight, sound, and taste.

Mission Statement

The New Orleans Public Library inspires the individual and enriches the community through access to information, resources, technology and programming that is delivered by knowledgeable and creative staff.

Like jazz music, the New Orleans Public Library is authentic to New Orleans. We embrace and utilize the fundamentals of jazz and the healing spirit of New Orleans through

  • Improvisation: individual investigation and life-long learning
  • Blues: the sound of American optimism
  • Swing: quality and style with participation
  • the Three C's of the authentic New Orleans experience: ceremony, celebration, and competition.

The New Orleans Public Library leads the recovery and the economic redevelopment of our community, fosters the future aspirations of every individual, and protects the intellectual freedom and democratic dreams of all.

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Updated 1/2/2013