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Mayor Marc H. Morial

An Inventory of his Correspondence and Subject Files

Collection Summary

Repository: City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112
Creator: Mayor Marc H. Morial
Title: Correspondence and Subject Files
Dates: 1993-2002
Quantity: 35 boxes
Abstract: Correspondence, incoming and outgoing, and subject files from the Mayor's "inner office."

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records appear to have been created or collected by the Mayor's Office "proper" rather than by one of its administrative subdivisions. More than half of the series comprises correspondence files.

Incoming correspondence includes requests for appointment, invitations, thank yous, congratulations, suggestions, proposals, complaints, etc. Many include notes handwritten by the Mayor to direct his staff how to respond or otherwise deal with the individual communications. Many include attachments. Also included, though not complete, are several logs of incoming mail.

Outgoing letters often are attached to the incoming letter or document that prompted the Mayor's communication. Many include brief notes handwritten by the Mayor when signing the originals.

Subject files include compilations of material on various issues, problems, projects, city agencies and other governmental bodies, individuals, businesses, and organizations. Some folders were created by the archivist to hold individual reports, propsals, or other documents found among the records; items that presumably held some importance for the Mayor (included are the campaign platform documents prepared for Senator Morial's first run for office). Also included are records of contributions to the Mayor's first campaign for election as well as to his first inaugural ceremony.

A sub-series, styled by the Mayor's Office as Inappropriate Mail is described and inventoried separately.

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These records are organized in a single series arranged in alphabetical order by folder title and in chronological order thereunder. Correspondence is filed chronologically between the subject files for "Convention Center Hotel Financing Issues" and "Cost Saving Analysis Proposal for the City of New Orleans."

A sub-series of "Inappropriate Mail" is arranged and described separately."

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Restrictions on Access

Available to registered researchers by appointment (contact the archives staff for additional information).

Restrictions on Use

Documents written/created by or for City of New Orleans officials/employees may be used with no restrictions. Copyright to letters written by outside individuals, agencies, and corporations belong to those entities.

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Related Material

Similar materials will be found among the records of the individual administrative subunits of the Mayor's Office.

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Administrative Information

Preferred citation:

Mayor Marc H. Morial, Correspondence and Subject Files, 1993-2002

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Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

280th Anniversary of New Orleans 1997
Albright, et al. vs City of New Orleans 2001/06/18
American Can Complex, Preliminary Development Plan 1998/01/06
American Can Renewal Project, City of New Orleans Information Package 1998/09/28
Analysis of Sewerage and Water Board Proposal for Privatization of Water and Wastewater Systems in New Orleans 2001 Bureau of Governmental Research
Antoine M. Saacks, Jr. v. City of New Orleans, [et al.] 1997 Appendix volume 1, on petition for a writ of certiorari to the Louisiana Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit, State of Louisiana.
Appraisal Report, New Orleans Downtown Heliport and the Proposed Arena Site 1995 By Jimmie Thorns
Arabella Station 2000(?)
Asset and Liability Management Strategies 1995/01/17 Materials prepared for discussion by CS First Boston
Aviation Director, New Orleans International Airport, Final Report 2000/10/17 Report of firm hired to search for a new Director
Board of City Trusts, Historical Risk and Return of the Capital Markets 2001 Paine Webber
Briefing … Regarding the Phase III Expansion of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 1995/01/13 By Scharff & Jones, Division of Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc.
Budget 1996 Four folders; folder 1

Box 2

Budget 1996 Four folders; folders 2-4
Budget 1997
Budget 1998 Two folders; folder 1

Box 3

Budget 1998 Two folders; folder 2
Budget 2000
Budget 2002
Budget (2001) Preparation Materials 2002 Miscellaneous
Building Economic Growth Through Transportation Investment in the New Orleans Region undated
Campaign Contributions Record, 1994 1994 Four folders; folder 1

Box 4

Campaign Contributions Record, 1994 1994 Four folders; folders 2-4
Canal Street Improvements 2002
Casino (Temporary) Lease (Amended) between Rivergate Development Corporation as Landlord and Harrah's Jazz Company as Tenant and City of New Orleans as Intervenor 1994/03/15 Filed at the end of box 35
Casino (Temporary) Lease between Rivergate Development Corporation as Landlord and Harrah's Jazz Company as Tenant and City of New Orleans as Intervenor 1994/03/15 Filed at the end of box 35
Citizen Evaluation of the Morial Administration (1994-1997) 1997/11 University of New Orleans, Survey Research Center
City Attorney, Resumes 1999
City Celebration, New Year's Eve (2000)/New Year's Day (2001), Logistical Considerations, Statement of Needs 2000/12/22
City Hall Employee Customer Service Survey Report 1994/10/6
City Hall External Customer Service Survey Report 1994/11
Comments on and Financial Advisor's Recommendations for Amendment of RFQ and Proposals, Sewerage and Water Board 2001 Two folders

Box 5

Committee for a Better New Orleans, Blueprint Highlights 2001
Convention Center Hotel Financing Issues 2001 UBS/Paine Webber
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/03 Four folders
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/05
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/06
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/07
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/08

Box 6

Correspondence, Incoming 1994/09
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/10
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/11 Two folders
Correspondence, Incoming 1994/12
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/01
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/02
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/03
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/04
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/05
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/06
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/07
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/08

Box 7

Correspondence, Incoming 1995/09
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/10
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/11

Box 8

Correspondence, Incoming 1995/12
Correspondence, Incoming 1995/Dates Uncertain
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/01
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/02
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/03
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/04
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/05

Box 9

Correspondence, Incoming 1996/06
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/07
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/08
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/09
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/10
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/11
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/12
Correspondence, Incoming 1996/Dates Uncertain
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/01
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/02
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/04
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/05
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/06
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/07

Box 10

Correspondence, Incoming 1997/08
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/09
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/11
Correspondence, Incoming 1997/12
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/01
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/02 Two folders. Files for February and March, 1998 include numerous letters congratulating the mayor on his reelection. Among the correspondents are: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, White House aide Mack McLarty, Secretary of Energy Federico Pena, Sen. Mary Landrieu, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, and former U. S. Representative Father Robert Drinan.
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/03
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/04
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/05
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/06 Two folders

Box 11

Correspondence, Incoming 1998/07
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/08
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/09
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/10
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/11
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/12

Box 12

Correspondence, Incoming 1999/01
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/02
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/03
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/04
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/05
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/06
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/07
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/08
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/09
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/10
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/11
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/12
Correspondence, Incoming 1999/Dates Uncertain
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/01
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/02
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/03
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/04

Box 13

Correspondence, Incoming 2000/05
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/06
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/07
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/08
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/09
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/10
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/11
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/12 Includes a letter from Al and Tipper Gore thanking Morial for his assistance in 2000.
Correspondence, Incoming 2000/Dates Uncertain
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/01
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/02

Box 14

Correspondence, Incoming 2001/03
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/04
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/05
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/06
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/07

Box 15

Correspondence, Incoming 2001/08
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/09
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/10
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/11
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/12
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/dates uncertain
Correspondence, Incoming 2002
Correspondence, Outgoing 1994/08-11

Box 16

Correspondence, Outgoing 1994/12
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/01
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/02
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/03
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/04
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/05
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/07
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/08
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/09
Correspondence, Outgoing 1995/12
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/01
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/02
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/03
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/04
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/05
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/06
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/07
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/08
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/09
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/10

Box 17

Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/11 Three folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/12 Three folders; folders 1-2

Box 18

Correspondence, Outgoing 1996/12 Three folders; folder 3
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/01 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/02 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/03
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/04

Box 19

Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/05 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/06 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/07 Two folders; folder 1

Box 20

Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/07 Two folders; folder 2
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/08 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/09
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/10
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/11
Correspondence, Outgoing 1997/12
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/01
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/02
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/03

Box 21

Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/04
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/05
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/06
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/07
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/08
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/09
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/10
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/11
Correspondence, Outgoing 1998/12
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/01
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/02

Box 22

Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/03 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/04
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/05
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/06
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/07 Two folders

Box 23

Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/08
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/09 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/10 Two folders

Box 24

Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/11 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 1999/12
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/01 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/02 Two folders; folder 1

Box 25

Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/02 Two folders; folder 2
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/03 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/04
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/05 Two folders
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/06

Box 26

Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/07
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/08
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/09
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/10
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/11
Correspondence, Outgoing 2000/12
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/01
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/02
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/03
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/04

Box 27

Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/05
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/06
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/07
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/08
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/09
Correspondence, Outgoing 2001/10
Cost Saving Analysis Proposal for the City of New Orleans undated Submitted by Base Distributors, Inc.
Cybermobile and Bookmobile Proposal 2001 New Orleans Public Library Proposal
Delgado Albania Plantation 2000-2001
Discrimination in New Orleans, Interim Report 1994 Three folders. Prepared for Harrah's Jazz Co. by National Economic Research Associates, Inc.
Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee Meeting, Grant Summary 2002/01/29
Empowerment Zone Plan, City of New Orleans 1994/06/30 Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Box 28

Empowerment Zone Plan, City of New Orleans (Appendix H) 1994/06/30 Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Empowerment Zone Plan, City of New Orleans (Appendix I) 1994/06/30 Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Empowerment Zone Plan, City of New Orleans (Appendixes A-D) 1994/06/30 Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Empowerment Zone Plan, City of New Orleans (Apprendixes E-G) 1994/06/30 Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Encuentro Las Americas 1997 Brochure only
Engineering and Design Services for the Terminal and Airfield Critical Mechanical and Electrical Systems, New Orleans International Airport 2001 The Consulting Group, Inc.'s response to RFQ
Exchange of Lafon Airpark Property for 32nd St. Noise Reduction 2001
Fax/Telephone Log, Incoming 1998-1999
Federal Funding Inventory Analysis 2001 Arent Fox
Financing of the Louisiana Courts, An Executive Summary 1993
First Bank and Trust 1994
Fleur de Lis 1994/Fall Publication of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center; this issue has a cover photograph of Marc Morial and President Bill Clinton as well as coverage of Morial's first inauguration on the inside.
Focus on Education, NOW! 2001/08/14 Mayor Morial's plan for improving public education in New Orleans

Box 29

French Market Corporation 1994 Appears to be a Transition Task Force report
Friends of NORD, Strategic Marketing Plan 2001
Gaming Briefing Book, Preliminary 1994/03 Apparently part of the transition process
Grammy Exposition and Hall of Fame Project, Financing 2001
Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation 1994
Growth and Change in the Louisiana and New Orleans Labor Markets 2001 Background report for the United States Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Summit, held in New Orleans
Homelessness in New Orleans, Mayor's Task Force on, Interim Report 2002/01
Housing Authority of New Orleans Monitor Contract with Moten & Associates, Audit Report 2000/01/19
Hurricane Preparedness 1993 Various materials from the Sidney J. Barthelemy administration
Jazzland Letter of Intent 2002/02 Draft
Kid Ory Statue 2002
Kurtz, Edward C., Sr. 1994
Lafayette Square/Poydras Center Concerns 1996 Folder 1: concerning homeless in the Square and their effects on area businesses
Lafayette Square/Poydras Center Concerns 1996 Folder 2: videocassette, "Lafayette Square Fences," August 27, 1996, WDSU-TV News (6 p.m.)

Box 30

Large Cap Growth, Small/Mid Cap Vallue, Small/Mid Cap Growth, International, and Large Cap Core Searches for Board of City Trusts 2001 UBS/Paine Webber
List of Active Classified Employees with Current Annual Salaries 1998
List of Active Classified/Unclassified Employees with Annual Earnings 1997
List of City Employees with Voter Registration Cross References 1998
Louisiana Board of Ethics Opinion No. CN96-199 (Kerry DeCay) 1998/07/27
Mail Log, incoming 1997/04/02-05/29
Mail Log, incoming 1997/06/01-09-21
Mail Log, incoming 1997/09/16-12/04
Mail Log, incoming 1998/01/26-03/31

Box 31

Mardi Gras, New Orleans Police Department Operations Order 2002
Media Tour for Mayor Marc Morial and the City of New Orleans: An Aggressive Positioning Proposal 1995/05/10 Submitted by Sally D. Donlon, Donlon Communications and Media Service
Meeting of the City of New Orleans and Bellsouth 2000 Part of Civil Action #00-2340, U. S. District Court, City of New Orleans vs. Bellsouth
Message Logs/Media Calls 2002
Milestone Academy of Learning Experiences and Skills 2000
Millenium Port Project 2001/12/28 Letter from Representative Jim Tucker to Governor Mike Foster
Montalbano, Patrolman John Michael 2001
Monument to the Immigrant 1994 Hand-drawn plan with snapshots attached
Morial, Ernest N. "Dutch," Biography 1982(?)
National Advisory Council of HANO, Final Findings Report to Congress 2001/02
National Museum of the Mississippi River undated
Neighborhood Revitalization Trust Fund: A Holistic Plan to Rebuild Economically Depressed Communities in New Orleans 1994/04/13 Proposal submitted by Modus, Inc.
New Orleans Business and Industrial District, Proposed 2002 Budget 2001/12/01
New Orleans Community Health Reform Plan 1994/04 Proposal by Kevin U. Stephens, MD and Joan G. Savoy, RN
New Orleans Day Briefing Book 1998/05/19
New Orleans Economy undated Comprising seven reports/portions of reports published or prepared by various agencies
New Orleans Enterprise Community, Community Connections undated Brochure only
New Orleans International Airport, Project Team Evaluation Forms 2000
New Orleans Public Library 1996
New Orleans Public Library Strategic Plan 1993-1997

Box 32

New Orleans Public Schools, Site Cost Analysis 1997-1998
New Orleans Regional Basketball Alliance 2001 Re: the effort to move the Vancouver Grizzlies to New Orleans
New Orleans Workforce Investment Board, Third Annual Meeting 2002
Official City Flag, Historical Documentation 1994
Open Access Plan 1994/09 Proposed draft executive order and related documents
Options for Neighborhood Housing Revitalization 1995/01/17 Materials prepared for discussion by CS First Boston
Organizational Structure for the Office of the Mayor 1994/04 Discussion document
Organizational Structure for the Office of the Mayor 1994/05 Report by KPMG Peat Marwick
Parking/Booting undated
Plaque 1994/05 "Our challenge is to use our resources, our history and our diversity to change the attitudes, feelings and hopes for our city. To have the courage, commitment and drive to advance new programs, new ideas and involve new people in government. To challenge those who say we can't." Marc Morial, May, 1994
Police Compensation Commission 1995-1996
Possible Carrollton Fire Station Relocation Sites 2000 Prepared for Realm Realty Co. by Don Randon Real Estate, Inc.
Potential Effect of Dockside Gaming 1995/01/06
Predatory Lending in New Orleans 2001
Preemptive Plan for HANO 1995/01/13 Five-page letter (draft) from C. Knox LaSister
Presentation to Moody's Investor Services 2000
Professional Services Contracts 1994-1997
Proposal for Billing and Collection of Ad Valorem Property Taxes 2001 Louisiana Tax Systems of Louisiana, LLC

Box 33

Proposal for City Hall Corporate Fitness Program and Health Facility 1994 Submitted by Fit Pro, Inc.
Proposal for Dental Services for City Employees 2001 Submitted by the Independent Dental Association of Louisiana, Inc./Delta Dental
Proposal to Develop a Strategic Plan for the Criminal Justice System of Orleans Parish 1991/08/21 Prepared for the Business Council of New Orleans by University City Science Center
Proposal to Provide Management, Operations and Maintenance Services to the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, Corporate Profile 2001 Submitted by ETI, Inc.
Public Opinion Survey, Mayoral Election 2002 Southern Media and Opinion Research, Inc.
Rebuild New Orleans Now! 1997 Maps & brochures
Rebuild New Orleans Now, Department of Public Works Street Improvements, The Keys to Continued Success of the 1995 Bond Campaign 2000
Rebuild New Orleans Now, Department of Public Works Street Improvements, The Keys to Continued Success of the 1995 Bond Campaign 2001/10/3
Refunding Line of Credit with the State of Louisiana for Public Work and Renovations Relating to the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition 1994/10/10
Regional Transit Authority State of Affairs 1994/05/31 Includes related documents
Removal of Turner Associates from Gilbane-Turner Venture for HANO Project Management and Desire/Florida Projects in New Orleans 1996
Request for Proposals, Management of City Hall Garage and Parking Areas and Parking Lot, Camp at Poydras Streets 2000/07
Resource Book for Meeting of July 10, 1994 1994/007 Re: Harrah's Casino contract and the Louisiana Economic Development and Gaming Corporation
Revenue Estimating Conference 1999/10/19
Road Bond Program Management 2001 Krebs, LaSalle, Lemieux Consultants, Inc.
Save Our Streets Initiative 2001

Box 34

Selected Large Cap Value and Domestic Fixed Income Money Managers for Board of City Trusts 2001 UBS/Paine Webber
Senator Marc Morial's Plan for Crime Prevention & Reform: "CPR for New Orleans" 1993 Election campaign material
Senator Marc Morial's Plan for Public Housing: "Transition to Tomorrow" 1993 Election campaign material
Senator Marc Morial's Platform in Progress: "A Blueprint for Change" 1993(?) Election campaign material
Senator Marc Morial's Program for Economic Progress: "PEP for New Orleans" 1994 Election campaign material
Senator Marc Morial's Reform Program for City Finances 1993 Election campaign material
Sewerage and Water Board Voluntary Payroll Deduction Plan 1994 Proposal submitted by NY Life
SRF Project Construction Management, Statement of Qualifications undated
St. Thomas Wal-Mart Supercenter 2001
State of the City Address 1999
Statement of Qualifications for Waste Stream Management undated Innotec, Inc.
Strategic Plan for Economic Development for the City of New Orleans 1991/04/01 Proposal and proposal meeting document by KPMG Peat Marwick & Economic Development Services
Streets Maintenance Backlog 2001/12/31
Superbowl XXXVI (2002) 1998 Includes copy of city's presentation to the National Football League (on shelf next to box)
Superbowl XXXVI, New Orleans Police Department Operations Order 2002
Tax Receivables Sale 1994 Proposal by Prudential Securities
Thank You Letters (St. John Lutheran School) 1997 Includes letters and drawings of the Mayor from third grade students at the school; also includes a class photograph

Box 35

Transportation Displays, Incorporated (TDI) 1994 Includes photographs of RTA streetcars and buses with TDI advertising
U. S. Attorney (New Orleans), State of the Office Report 1998-1999
U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Administrative Receivership for HANO 2001
Underwriters for the Potential Refunding of the City's General Obligation Bonds 2001
Unsolicited Proposal of a Wireless Metropolitan Area Network to the City of New Orleans 2001 Submitted by 3Com/Western Multiplex
Vieux Carre Improvement District 2001
Waste Minimization Plan: Options for the Future 1995(?) Waste Management of New Orleans

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