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New Orleans Street Name Changes
The names of public streets are changed by ordinance, following prior approval by the City Planning Commission. The following list reflects name changes reported to the City Archives by the Planning Commission staff some years ago. The Planning Commission has not reported any more recent changes to us.

Street name change ordinances are cataloged under the City Archives call number OVF AQ311sn.

For early street name changes, see Alphabetical Index of Changes in Street Names, Old and New, Period 1852 to Current Date, Dec. 1st 1938.

  • Calliope St. between Convention Center Blvd. and the Ponchartrain Expressway has been changed to John Churchill Chase Street (11/8/1990).

  • The Ponchartrain Expressway service roads from Convention Center Blvd. to Earhart Blvd. at Loyola Ave. have been changed to Calliope Street (11/8/1990).

  • One block of Prytania St. between Clio St. and the Ponchartrain Expressway has been changed to Margaret Place (11/8/1990).

  • A portion of Bringier St. from the Mississippi River to Behrman Ave. and a portion of Victory Park Dr. from the intersection with Bringier St. and Behrman to General DeGaulle Blvd. has been changed to Mardi Gras Boulevard (3/4/1994).

  • One block of Stephan Girard St. between Elysian Fields Ave. & Mandeville St. has been changed to St. Aloysius Drive (8/15/1994).

  • The private roadway Star Casino Blvd. located within the South Shore Harbor Marina Development has been changed to Stars and Stripes Boulevard (3/3/1995).

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Updated, 7/17/2003