New Orleans Public Library
African American Resource Center

Tom Dent Literary Festival
November 3, 2007

The seventh annual Tom Dent Forum was led by Louisiana researcher, Barbara Trevigne. Trevigne discussed the life and works of the late writer and historian, Marcus Christian. The audience learned of the magnitude of research Christian produced, much of which is housed at the Earl K Long library at the University of New Orleans, and got a glimpse into his life through Trevigne's interviews with individuals who knew him as well as Chrisitan's correspondence and his research.

Trevigne brought along samples of Christian's writings and correspondence to share with the audience.

Trevigne reads a letter written to Christian from a devoted female companion.

The audience heard from UNO graduate student Rene Prevost, the recipient of the Marcus B Chrisitian award. Prevost recounted how she discovered who Christian was by her constant use of his collection during her undergraduate years at UNO.

Retired UNO history professor Dr David Shroyer was a colleague of Christian who spent time in his office listening to Christian recount his research as well as life stories.

Local actor, Chakula Cha Jua, reads one of Christian's most admired poems, "I Am New Orleans" which was published in 1968 for the commemoration of the 250th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Crescent City.

Following the program, Dillard University professor and writer Dr. Jerry Ward (l) greets Brenda Marie Osbey, poet laurete of the State of Louisiana and James Borders, noted writer and independent consultant for the Tom Dent Literary Festival.

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