Tom Dent Literary Festival
Sponsored by the African American Resource Center
November 7 - 9, 2002
Fourth Annual Tom Dent Forum
November 9, 2002

Errin Levingston, library associate of the African American Resource Center (at podium), begins the Fourth Annual Tom Dent Forum by welcoming panelists (l-r) Dr. Laura Tuley, assistant professor of English, Dillard University, Dr. Laura Bryan, associate professor of English, Xavier University, and Poet Major Jackson, author of Leaving Saturn and featured speaker for the forum.

Poet Major Jackson (at podium) was the featured speaker for this year's Tom Dent Forum. Jackson shared selections from his book of poetry, Leaving Saturn, with over 40 patrons that gathered in the Main Library auditorium to hear his work. Later, Dr. Laura Tuley (seated left) and Dr. Violet Bryan (seated center) offered their critical analysis of Jackson's work.

Dr. Laura Tuley (center), Assistant Professor of English at Dillard University, spoke of the influence of the musician Sun Ra on Jackson's work, which led to her interpretation of the book's title, Leaving Saturn. Lookin on is Dr. Violet Bryan of Xavier University and the poet himself, Major Jackson.

An attentive audience listens as poet Major Jackson shares poems from his book Leaving Saturn. Jackson's poetry brought inner city Philadelphia to life with selections such as "Mr. Pate's Barbershop" and "Euphoria."

Dr. Violet Bryan shares her interpretation of Major Jackson's work with the audience as the keynote speaker, Jackson, looks on. Jackson spent a few years in the English department at Xavier, where Bryant became most familiar with his work.

Following the program, Errin Levingston, library associate, African American Resource Center and moderator for the program (far left) joins City Librarian Tiana Williams (fourth from left) in thanking the day's participants, Dr. Laura Tuley, Major Jackson and Dr. Violet Bryan (l-r).

Jackson, who is also a creative writing and English instructor, chats with one of his former Xavier students following the program.

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