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A g e s    7 - 8

A Fine, Fine School. Creech, Sharon.
When a principal becomes so enthusiastic about his studentsí learning that he decrees that school remain in session year-round, itís up to the students to show him that free time is a good thing too.

Diary of a Worm. Cronin, Nancy.
A young worm discovers the good and not-so-good things about life from his own unique perspective.

The Missing Piece. Silverstein, Shel.
A rolling circle, minus one wedge-shaped slice, searches perpetually for that which will make him a solid ball.

Lon Po Po. Young, Ed.
Similar to the European tale of Little Red Riding Hood, this Chinese story of three girls left home alone features a visiting wolf pretending to be their grandmother.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Viorst, Judith.
Alexander wakes up to a day that starts out bad and grows progressively worse. Throughout his tribulations, he considers chucking it all and moving to Australia.

Miss Rumphius. Cooney, Barbara.
Alice Rumphius wonders what she can do to make the world a more beautiful place.

Strega Nona. dePaola, Tomie.
An old Italian folktale about a kind witch and her well-meaning but bumbling assistant, Big Anthony.

Stellaluna. Cannon, Janell.
A fruit bat named Stellaluna is separated from her mother and raised by birds.

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. Park, Barbara.
Boisterous, funny, and absolutely without tact, Junie B. Jones starts Kindergarten in this volume of her popular series.

Hailstones and Halibut Bones. OíNeill, Mary.
Different colors are the subjects of this imaginative collection of poems.

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