Second and Third District Courts

The Second and Third District Courts are the most useful courts for genealogical research and both courts are well indexed. Like the Probate Court, the Second District Court has a published index, the General Index to Successions, 1846-1880. (The next page will give you a sample page from the index and more information on it.) The manuscript of this index is also available on microfilm; it is sometimes necessary to check the manuscript version when misprints or typographical errors occur in the published index.

Remember that, before 1853, the district courts did not have exclusive jurisdiction over any one type of case, so some probate records appear in First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth District Courts too from 1846 to 1853. An index to these successions is available here in NUTRIAS.

In later years, the legislature gave the Third District Court appellate jurisdiction for suits originating before one of the Orleans Parish Justices of the Peace. In the absence of a body of Justice of the Peace judicial records, the files of the Third District Court are additionally important. The Third District Court's manuscript index is available on microfilm.