Third Court System, 1880--

In 1880, the state court system changed for the third and (so far!) last time. All of the district courts were consolidated into a single court, Civil District Court, which has jurisdiction over all types of cases. We have the records of Civil District Court through 1926.

CDC is divided into divisions, each judge having his/her own division. Within these divisions are different dockets, each of which handles a different type of suit--e.g., Docket 1 deals with successions; Docket 5 handles divorces. The judge of each division will hear suits from any and all of the dockets.

An index to the General Docket of CDC (i.e., to all of the cases heard, regardless of type) is available on microfilm. A separate index to Docket 5 (divorces) is also available on film. The published indexes to successions continue until 1903; after that date, researchers must consult manuscript indexes to Docket 1 (the succession docket), also available on microfilm.

Civil District Court itself maintains a card index to post-1913 successions (and other types of cases as well) in the office of the Clerk on the fourth floor of the Civil Court Building.