Document Filed in Succession Record

This is a death certificate filed in a succession record (a better copy of the full document is available here). Certificates give a surprising amount of information, not only about the deceased but also about the person who makes the declaration of death (often a relative of the deceased). Here, we discover that Pierre Mello (or Mellor), a free man of color, a native of Orleans Parish, about 40 years old, a carpenter by trade, living in Burgundy Street between St. Philip and Ursuline in the First Municipality, declares that Francois Poree, also a carpenter and a native of Orleans, died at the age of about sixty on the fifth of April at his domicile on Greatman Street between Union and Frenchmen in the Third Municipality, and that the deceased was lawfully married to Rosette Poree, a free woman of color, a native of this city, about forty-five years old and living in Orleans Parish.