Parish Court Index

Here is a page from our online index to the Parish Court. The index is arranged alphabetically by the plaintiff's name and provides the docket number for the suit record. We have also indexed the Emancipation Petitions filed in Parish Court, the succession records found in the First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth District Courts (prior to 1853), the suit records found in the Superior Court (prior to 1809) and in the First Judicial District Court, and records referenced in the Insolvents' Docket in the City Court.

If you use any of these indexes online, we caution you to make allowances for variations in the spelling of names. Because of the difficulty of reading 19th century handwriting and because some of our volunteer indexers were unfamiliar with local names, researchers are urged to be "creative" in searching the index. The introduction to the Parish Court index lists a number of more specific "hints" that will be useful for searching any of the online indexes.

Because the indexes are arranged by plaintiff's name, it is difficult to search for a particular case if you have only the defendant's name. In such cases, we urge you to use the search engine on the Archival Inventories page, which searches all of our inventory files. We also recommend the Infoseek search engine, to which we submit all files added to NUTRIAS.