General Index of All Successions, 1805-1846

It is important to understand how the index is arranged and how its references relate to the arrangement of the records themselves. Here is a sample page from the index.

If a name is listed under a certain year, a succession record exists for that person in that year. Thus, in the excerpt shown here, a succession for Collette Frederick can be found in the 1833 succession records.

If numbers are listed in the volume and page columns of the wills category, the deceased person died testate and a will exists in the Will Books. The will columns are blank in Collette Frederick's entry, indicating that she left no will. The only person on this page who wrote a will was Jose Ferrera; a copy of his will can be found in volume 4 of the Will Books on page 489.

A date listed in the inventory column indicates that an inventory was made of the person's estate. Collette Frederick's inventory is filed in the 1834 inventory records. Those with a blank space in this column had no inventory.

Two other features of the index appear on this page and deserve special note. The letters "f.w.c." following Collette Frederick's name signify that she was a free woman of color. The index, therefore, is valuable for identifying free black people, men (i.e., f.m.c.) and women, who left property in New Orleans. Note also that Priscilla Griffith Fellows, a married woman, is listed under her own given name, not under the name of her husband. Married women may be listed in either manner in the Index.