Sources for Biographical References in the Obituary Index

Along with references to obituaries and death notices appearing in New Orleans newspapers, the Index also provides references to biographical information about (and sometimes images of) Louisianians taken from more than 250 titles that were part of NOPL's book and periodical and government document collections in the mid-1940's to the mid-1960's.

The exact selection criteria used by the indexers during this time period is now unclear. We can not say why they chose to index the titles they did, nor do we know precisely how they chose individual names to include. We do know, however, that some of the titles listed below were indexed thoroughly, while others were indexed much more selectively. Some of the titles indexed are no longer in the Louisiana Division's collections, and we have not always been able to provide full bibliographic references for those titles.

Researchers should be aware that the fact that a work appears in the list should not imply that the Index picks up every Louisiana name included in the source. Researchers should also note that this list may not be a complete list of all the titles indexed; now that the database is complete, we hope to soon be able to do a more thorough check of the titles included.

In the list that follows, an asterix (*) indicates an incomplete or questionable bibliographic reference.

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