Credits & Thanks
The online version of the Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index is the result of the vision, support, and effort of many people both at The Historic New Orleans Collection, which funded and produced the online Index, and New Orleans Public Library.

From The Collection, we thank Mary Louise Christovich, Chairman of the Board of the Williams Foundation, and Priscilla Lawrence, Executive Director of the Historic New Orleans Collection, who kept faith throughout the long process of databasing the Index. We are also grateful for the dedication of Gerald Patout (formerly of HNOC) and Daniel Hammer, who supervised the project as it progressed. And we thank the members of the Systems Department, whose skills (and patience) insured that the final product would live up to everyone's expectations. And we extend our special thanks to the revolving team of HNOC processors, who, over a period of more than eight years, diligently typed in the hundreds of thousands of entries that make up the database. The database exists because of their work.

At NOPL, we thank the members of the NOPL administration and Board for their cooperation throughout the project, and we particularly thank Collin B. Hamer, Jr., former Head of the Louisiana Division, whose dedication to the project has extended beyond his retirement in 2004.
The online Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index also owes its existence to the generosity of MINISIS Inc., which donated the original software used in creating the database and provided support in adapting it for the web. When the databasing of the Index was complete, MINISIS reworked the original web version, improving both its appearance and its performance. And as a result of a new agreement between NOPL and HNOC, MINISIS will host the Obit Index on its server for the first five years of its completed online existence.

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