Black History Month 2007
New Orleans Public Library
Dr. Sandra Robertson, Assistant Director of the City of New Orleans Health Department, talked about developing healthy eating habits at a noon time lecture on February 2 at the Main Library. Below the image are pointers from Dr. Robertsonís discussion.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables with meals or as snacks.

When not using fresh vegetables for meals, use frozen veggies. Canned goods have sodium that adds to the daily salt intake. Opt for frozen vegetables when fresh vegetables are not available.

Donít cook with salt. Instead, season food with herbs or a healthy food seasoning that can provide a good taste to a meal.

To avoid eating unhealthy snacks and indulging in junk food, donít bring unhealthy snacks into your home. Instead go out for that scoop of ice cream or snow ball. Incorporate exercise into the outing. Walk to the store or visit the park for some aerobic activity or sport following the snack.

Donít give your child juice on a daily basis. Many of the juice products on the market today are loaded with sugar. Avoid serving them to your child along with every meal.

Squeeze your own juice or serve a fresh piece of fruit to your child.

Stay away from carbonated sodas and beverages. They are loaded with sugar. Even diet drinks have too much salt in them. Instead of having a cola with your meal have a glass of water. Stay hydrated by drinking water daily.

Have healthy snacks in your home. If you snack while watching television, snack on fruits or popcorn without the butter and salt.

You can pepper your food. There are different types of peppers with varying degrees of hot flavoring.

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