Black History Month 2007
New Orleans Public Library

Dr. Evangeline Franklin, Director of Clinical Services for the City of New Orleans Health Department, talked about being prepared overall for an emergency at a noon time lecture on February 16 at the Main Library. [We don't have an image of Dr. Franklin's presentation, but below is a summary of her comments.]

Design an emergency evacuation plan with members of your family, neighborhood or church group. Place special detail on elderly relatives or neighbors who will need special attention during a time of emergency.

For those who are on medication make a list of medicines. Include the dosage and the frequency in which the medicines are taken. This will help when displaced to another town during an emergency.

Evacuating to a place or town where one has friends or family is a good thing since these individuals can put you in touch with their family doctor, hospital or other professional care if needed.

If traveling a distance by car with children, bring some things to keep them occupied. Be aware of the need for bathroom stops.

Overall wellness begins with being prepared before an emergency. Staying in shape now will put you in a better position to sustain the rigors of an unexpected calamity

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