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New Orleans Public Library

Date range: ca. 1950s-1960s
Size of collection: 18 prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note

These photographs document the work of Miss Betty Finnin (1897-1988). Miss Finnin served as the official City Decorator from 1933 to 1970 (the position was not funded in the 1970 city budget). Among her duties was the responsibility for designing decorations for Canal Street during the carnival and Christmas seasons. She also designed the annual children's carnival parade, the parade in honor of French President Charles DeGaulle's 1960 visit to the city, and other events.


The prints are numbered and filed sequentially. Click on the links below to view thumbnail images; each thumbnail links to a larger image.

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Photographs scanned by: Anne Everard (volunteer)
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Date: August 27, 2003