Mayor Robert S. Maestri

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: 1936-1938, 1944
Size of collection: 57 prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Historical Note

Robert Sidney Maestri served as mayor of New Orleans from 1936-1946. For a biographical sketch of Mayor Maestri, see the finding aid for his Records.

Scope and Arrangement

The photographs include scenes from Mayor Maestri's first three years in office, with emphasis on activities connected with Works Progress Administration public works projects in New Orleans. Also included are photographs taken on the occasion of a celebration at City Hall to mark Maestri's first anniversary in office, two photographs of the city's 1937 Armistice Day parade, and several photos showing Maestri on various other ceremonial/official occasions. A single photograph dates from 1944.

The majority of the photographs were separated from the Louisiana Division's Works Progress Administration collection by a former Louisiana Division photograph curator. Several were reprinted in "annual reports" highlighting accomplishments of the Maestri administration published in the Item-Tribune. Captions have been supplied by the arranger, or they are quoted from those supplied by the WPA or from clippings of Item-Tribune cut lines pasted on the reverse of the photos. The 1944 photograph was published in the February 1944 issue of the New Orleans Port Record.

The photographs range in size from 4" x 6" to 8" x 10" (the majority are 8" x 10"). Photographs # 1 and 2 are mounted on board; the rest are unmounted. They were scanned as grayscale images at 400 dpi and saved as 2000 pixel TIFFs using Photoshop 4.0. The TIFFs are being retained as archival masters. Photoshop was also used to produce edited 600 pixel JPEGs and the 200 pixel JPEG thumbnails displayed on each of the four main pages.

Additional Maestri photographs, taken on the occasion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1936 visit to New Orleans, are available in the Louisiana Division's Earl S. Martin Collection (See an archivist for further information).

The photographs are arranged numerically. Click on the links below for thumbnail images, each of which leads to a larger version of the image, with caption.

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