New Orleans Public Library
Louisiana Photograph Collection


Date range: ca. 1865-1925
Size of collection: 44 stereographs
Source: Unknown
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division Archivist

A collection of forty-four stereographs, all but two of which depict scenes of New Orleans. Local photographers represented include S.T. Blessing (13 images) and W.H. Leeson (23 images), both of whom operated in New Orleans after the Civil War.

Unless otherwise noted, the captions are those printed on the front and/or back of the stereo mount. The name of the series of which the stereograph was a part is also given, if available, along with the stereograph's number within that series. In the case of the Leeson stereographs, captions and series numbers were handwritten on the mount at some earlier date, perhaps by Leeson himself.

Image Number Description Photographer/Publisher
1 Unidentified [Steamboats on the Mississippi River] Unidentified
2 Steamboat Landing, New Orleans S.T. Blessing
3 Loading a Mississippi Steamer, New Orleans, La. Unidentified
4 U.S. Monitors at the Levee S.T. Blessing
5 Bayou St. John S.T. Blessing
6 Steamer Northern Light, N.W.U. Picket Co. F. Carbutt, Chicago
7 Jackson Square S.T. Blessing
8 Interior, St. Mary's Church S.T. Blessing
9 Masonic Hall, St. Charles W.H. Leeson
10 School of Medicine, Common St. W.H. Leeson
11 Steamer J.E. McDonald Unidentified
12 Louisiana State Exhibit Unidentified
13 Birds Eye Panoramic View, New Orleans S.T. Blessing
14 Claiborne Green W.H. Leeson
15 Jackson Square Keystone View Co.
16 Trinity Church, Jackson St. W.H. Leeson
17 St. Charles Hotel W.H. Leeson
18 Sugar Sheds Levee W.H. Leeson
19 Birds Eye Panoramic View, New Orleans S.T. Blessing
20 Birds Eye Panoramic View, New Orleans S.T. Blessing
21 Canal Street W.H. Leeson
22 St. Louis Cathedral S.T. Blessing
23 City Hall, St. Charles St. S.T. Blessing
24 View in Greenwood Cemetery S.T. Blessing
25 Jackson Square and Cathedral S.T. Blessing
26 Canal Street W.H. Leeson
27 Moresque Building W.H. Leeson
28 Colombo Street, Kandy, Ceylon Stereo Travel Co.
29 Claiborne Market W.H. Leeson
30 The Mississippi River Unidentified
31 Charity Hospital, Male Department W.H. Leeson
32 Charity Hospital, Male Department W.H. Leeson
33 Charity Hospital, Common Street W.H. Leeson
34 Boland's Dwelling, Esplanade St. W.H. Leeson
35 Canal Street W.H. Leeson
36 Canal Street W.H. Leeson
37 Lake House, Lake End W.H. Leeson
38 Odd Fellows Hall, Camp Street W.H. Leeson
39 Protection Levee, Lake End W.H. Leeson
40 Morgan's Ferry Landing W.H. Leeson
41 Cromwell Line Steamer W.H. Leeson
42 Unidentified [Canal Street] W.H. Leeson
43 Old Moss and Well W.H. Leeson
44 Principal Steamboat Landing S.T. Blessing

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